WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Protein!

When I met my friend (who was visiting from Singapore) recently, he was shocked to see how different I looked. He was of the opinion that I have lost a lot of Muscle Mass.

Hmmm …

Something to think about. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

– I have lost almost 2 inches off my waist (and keep in mind that I am a guy who was deemed “fit and slim” well before I started WOF :-)). Is it muscle I am losing or is it fat I am losing? Cant it be that the loss of fat is actually increasing the muscle percentage in my body?

– My face is looking leaner and does not have much of that typical puffiness in the face that is present for folks in my age group

– I can do a lot of repititions with siignificant Weights in each hand, indicating that I do have atleast some Muscle left 🙂


Having said all this, it is obviously critical that I eat enough Protein. I do eat a lot of Pulses. Lately, I am focusing more on Egg Whites. Need to study and experiment more on this subject.


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