Trondheim, the historical Norwegian town … [Norway]

Europe is filled with picturesque and cute towns … Trondheim is definitely one of them. On a bright summer day, Trondheim is just “Wow”. It is the 3rd largest city in Norway, even with a population of only around 200,000! What a contrast from the South American and Asian behemoth cities 🙂

I had a great non-stop jog all around the town, including a strenuous run up to Kristiansten Fortress. The views from the Kristiansten Fortress are very nice. Considering that the town experiences extreme cold for a significant portion of the year, it was not surprising to see many of the locals out and about in such beautiful weather.

View of the walkway across Nidelva … Not surprisingly, the sunlight was around till like midnight 🙂 This photo was taken around 9PM … Aren’t these flowers beautiful?
A local market, along Nidelva … 
Early morning, on a Saturday … The streets were deserted. This is the point where I started my jog.
The Trondheim waterfront … Colorful buildings.
A view from the Old Town Bridge … 
Trondheim waterfront … 
Nidaros Cathedral … Been around since 11th century! Over the centuries, it went through many phases of restorations. It has many Gothic features … One can take a conducted tour as well. I was able to climb up the spire for some great views.
The facade of Nidaros Cathedral … What intricate architecture. I saw several kids in traditional attire … Seemed like they were dressed up for some ceremony.
View from Kristiansten Fortress … 
Norwegian flag, in full glory …
Canons … @Kristiansten Fortress …. I spent some time at the coffee shop there. It was so relaxing to sit there and enjoy the views.
The beautiful buildings … Near Kristiansten Fortress …
A pretty canon @Kristiansten Fortress … 
View of the Old Town Bridge … From the park between Nidaros Cathedral and Nidelva … 
View from the spire of Nidaros Cathedral … 
View from the spire of Nidaros Cathedral …  You can note Munkholmen in the background (Norwegian Sea). 





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