A visit to the massive Itaipu Dam … [Brazil/Paraguay]

To be frank, until I started my research for the South American trip, I had not heard of Itaipu Dam. When I actually saw the dam, I realized its size and its impact. The dam is situated right at the Brazil/Paraguay border. Itaipu dam is considered a marvel of the Modern World. Itaipu dam is the World’s largest in terms of energy production.

Itaipu Dam. 22M visitors in 40 years (1977-2017). Brazil had 10M of them. Then Argentina (4M), Paraguay (3.8M), Germany, Chile, USA, France, Spain, China, Italy Etc. India has 7570. The Visitor Center has English-speaking and very helpful staff. I bought ticket for the Panoramic Tour. There is also one with the Interiors of the Hydro-Electric Dam. I am not too much into Electrical/Mechanical mumbo-jumbo 🙂 Built by Brazil and Paraguay. One of the 7 Engineering Wonders of the World. Built on River Parana. 8 huge 196m tall concrete towers. There were many controlled explosions (58 Tons of Dynamite) during its construction, mainly to divert Parana River foe the Dam’s construction. There was 8 times more tunneling than EuroTunnel, so it is claimed. Workers did a good job of saving the Flora and Fauna, from the resultant flooding. Itaipu Dam has 18 Generator Units. Each capable of supporting 2.5M people! The Dam sustains the entire region, by revenue sharing with local communities. The largest Hydro-Electric Plant in the World (Three Gorges Dam, China, is close competition).
I was the ONLY English-speaking Tourist during my Itaipu visit. In a way, I am proud of such occurrences during my trips, for it is proof that I am staying away from the typical overcrowded “everyone has done that” kind of Itineraries 🙂 In fact, I enjoy being the Odd-One-Out. E.g. The 2-3 Indians I saw in this trip were all in Rio (With valid reason. Rio kicks Sao Paulo’s and Brasilia’s ass when it comes to Tourist Attractions. If you can visit only one city in Brazil, then it has to be Rio de Janeiro, IMHO).
There was a 20min Video in an Auditorium, to introduce the Itaipu Dam and explain what it means to Brazil, Paraguay and the World. Then comes a Bus Tour. At 15:35 firecrackers could be heard outside, and I knew Brasil had scored a goal against Serbia 🙂
The Dam has a 10Km long Fish-Spawning Channel, supposedly the longest in the World. Enough concrete to build 250 stadiums was used for the construction. The huge water pipes have 11m diameter. We briefly cross into Paraguay (Note this is a Bi-National area). This Dam takes care of 70% of Paraguay’s energy needs. We pass through a tunnel which is below the Overflow Outlets (It was cold inside). The Reservoir has 8 artificial beaches. There are Boat Tours in the Reservoir. The town of Foz do Iguacu was formed as a result of Itaipu workers’ migration, from various parts of Brazil and Paraguay. Itaipu produces as much energy in a day as 500K barrels of Oil, that too Clean Energy.
The Itaipu Dam created a huge reservoir area … With wonderful colors.
Foz do Iguacu … From the plane, as we are landing …
Itaipu Dam Visitor Center … Very helpful and friendly staff. The Brazil WC 2018 game was going on when I entered the place …
22 million visitors in 40 years … Not bad.
A model of the Itaipu Dam interiors …
A great aerial photo of Itaipu Dam … At the Visitor Center.
India has had 7570 visitors …
Various photos depicting the construction of Itaipu Dam …
Orchestra … What a location!
Sao Tome e Principe has had one visitor! Never heard of Sao Tome e Principe before …
Kiribati has had one visitor! Never heard of Kiribati before …
One of the view points … Itaipu Dam, Foz do Iguacu.
The Itaipu Dam Tour Bus …
Itaipu Dam … Binacional Area … Brazil and Paraguay.
The huge 11-meter-diameter pipes …
Overflow vents … There is a tunnel below these vents.
The Panoramic Tour … Itaipu Dam. The ride over the Dam.





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