The colourful Saint Basil’s Cathedral … Moscow. [Russia]

“The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed” … Nah, I will stick with the common and well-known name: “Saint Basil’s Cathedral” … 🙂

St. Basil’s Cathedral, in my opinion, dominates the Red Square. It is also probably the most easily recognized landmark in Russia. On a sunny day, the various colours will just blind you …



Narrow corridors, multiple chapels, myriad paintings … You name it, the Cathedral has it all. I would suggest renting the Audio Guide. It is worth the price as there is not much English explanations around.

Right at the entrance, in the 1st room, there is a highly-transparent glass partition. I gave some entertainment to everyone around by walking briskly and banging myself right onto the partition. I am lucky it did not break 🙂

A must-visit, if ever there was one …





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