Myanmar – Day2

Was amazed at the smart phone penetration in Yangon. Rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors Etc. were also using huge smart phones.

Noticed a lot of the ladies having a kind of face paint. It is actually some extract from tree bark, to protect from insects and also as a sunscreen.

During my walk to Yangon Railway Station, I saw a lot of Nuns. Good ol’ Vatican doing good job in Myanmar, a country with 90%+ Buddhists 😉

Here, men and women wear a kind of Kerala style lungi. Not kidding!

Myanmar “lungyi” … Men and Women wear it.

During the 3hr loop train around Yangon and suburbs, there was one stop for 30min, in a market area. I noticed this boy, who is mute, doing a lot of mischief. But all vendors doted on him, fed him snacks, played with him. It was nice to see … The boy was having a blast.

The boy I am referring to is the one in red shorts …

Once I was done with the loop train, I took a cab to pick up my bag from the hotel and hurry to ….

Shwedagon Pagoda!

The main tourist attraction of Yangon. 2600 years old. Maintained by generations of Kings and even during British Colonial times. 112m tall spire, the top is encrusted with diamonds, rubies Etc. Very well maintained, crowded, well, golden, golden, golden …

Shwedagon Pagoda … The pride of Yangon.


Panoramic view of Shwedagon Pagoda … Yangon, Burma.

It started raining cats and dogs at around 3.30PM and I had to scratch the plans for Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda. Would have to cover it after I return from Bagan.

After a one hour cab ride, during which I took a cat nap, I reached Aung Mangalar Bus Station. Name sounds fancy, and that is about it. Buses are fancy though …

Aung Mangalar Bus Station … A sea of buses.
One of the luxury buses at Aung Mangalar Bus Station …

Then I saw these guys playing the game, similar to volleyball, but only with legs. Man, the game looks tough. And the dudes were playing in quite heavy rains!

Sepak takraw … (As Srivatsan points out) … It was interesting to watch.


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  1. Srivatsan

    Nice write-up George. The foot volleyball game.. is called Sepak Takraw in Malaysia/Thailand (kick volleyball). Must have a another name in Myanmar. 🙂

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