Uacari Lodge – A unique experience at Mamiraua Reserve … [Brazil]

For my extensive South American trip, Uacari Lodge was the very first booking I did, before flights, hotels Etc. My expectations were very high, based on the information I had received, and the actual experience did not disappoint. It was a glorious few days at the Lodge.

Uacari Lodge, Mamiraua Reserve. The Staff and the Guests introducing themselves … 
My cabin … Using a Mosquito net after a long time 🙂 Keep in mind Tropical Rainforests are breeding grounds for swarms of mosquitoes. This is a floating lodge. The gentle sway of the platform and the rustling of the water is so soothing … I have been sleeping like a baby.
The main Hall and Dining area … Meals are a fun time, local food, interacting with fellow travelers …
A photo of the Uacari Lodge … My Cabin is #5. I have a double cabin all to myself .. 🙂
The Uacari Monkey … Extremely endangered. It is found only here. That bald man is the famous Conservation Specialist who played a major role in the creation of Mamiraua Reserve.
Solar panels for Electricity. Uacari is a sustainable Eco-Lodge.
Lunch time! They serve Fish, Meat, Fruits Etc.
All loaded up 🙂 Tambaqui Fish, Chorizo Pie, Chicken …
Dessert … A mix of Milk Jam and Chocolate. To be honest, I did not like it … Too sweet for me.
Pirarucu: Grows up to 4 meters! Up to 200Kg. Indigenous preferred smaller fish. Portuguese liked this cheap version of Cod. Became endangered. Now, population is monitored and controlled. Has lung-like chamber and can stay under water for up to 1hr. Hunted when they come up for air. Symbol of Amazon!
During a daytime Boat Tour of the Jungle …
The Uacari Lodge at dusk …
A photo of the Uacari Lodge … My Cabin is #5. I have a double cabin all to myself .. 🙂
This is part of Daniela’s presentation to us …
Early morning … Sun is slowly coming up …
No no … This is NOT a photo I took 🙂 I wish the rare Uacari monkey will pose like this for me …
Marcio Ayres … He was the one who educated the locals on why they needed to preserve the natural treasures and played a huge role in the creation of Mamiraua Reserve.
Breakfast … Coffee/Pastries/Rolls/Cheese.
I love Coffee … And the 1st cup in the morning? Bliss!!!
How they treat the waste … Uacari Lodge, Amazonas, Brasil.
The floating foundation for the Uacari Lodge …
Canoe Tour through the water-filled Jungle … The only downside was the Mosquitoes! I must have killed zillions of them, despite having Insect Repellents. Mosquitoes love me 🙂
We had fruit salad as dessert today … It was awesome! And that glass has Cupuasu fruit juice …
Tambaqui … The most common fish here. It is quite nice. Close relative of Piranha. Eats fruits and seeds. Favorite food is Rubber tree seeds which are tough! But the fish has strong jaws and teeth. Tasty and severely overfished. Can grow up to 1 meter …
Pirarucu: Grows up to 4 meters! Up to 200Kg. Indegenous preferred smaller fish. Portuguese liked this cheap version of Cod. Became endangered. Now, population is monitored and controlled. Has lung-like chamber and can stay under water for up to 1hr. Hunted when they come up for air. Symbol of Amazon!
I loved this book … A great read and a great reference.
Looks like this book was gifted to Uacari Lodge.
Statue of a local fisherman, carrying Pirarucu …
I originally thought this was Hand Sanitizer (Which I use a lot) … 🙂
The symbol of Mamiraua Reserve … Not the Pirarucu fish.
Another view of the floating lodge …
After a gentle Canoe ride, I cannot understand why people need 2hr Siesta!? This is once in a lifetime experience and people are sleeping??? I spent my time exploring the Uacari Floating Lodge and also interacted with the 12-15 staff members of the Lodge. Also read these books … (Of course, could only browse through Portuguese ones)
Went wild with the books@Uacari Lodge. It was fascinating to read about the Plants/Mammals/Reptiles/Fish, as you are also seeing them in their natural habitat. I am ready for an Amazon or Mamiraua Exam! 🙂
Deep-fried cake for Tea. Along with Cubuacu Fruit Juice. I am not a fan of fried food and was planning to skip the Fried Cake. Just then, Daniela, our main Guide (She is from Rio and is an Environmental Science Student, doing Internship at Mamiraua Reserve), shows up and goes on and on about how her Mom used to make it and how it os her favorite. Just to be nice and avoid insulting a dish she loves (To me, fried stuff is Yuck!), I said, “Great! Sounds awesome …” 🙂 She stood there till I took one! 🙂My review: It was Blah! Need to run 4 miles to get rid of the fat … Now, the Cubuacu juice, Yum! It is a local fruit and very popular here. Slightly sour. I love “Sour” stuff (E.g. Raw Mango with Chilli/Salt, Raw Tamarind with Chilli/Salt) Etc.). I am well aware who likes such stuff 😉
Surubin fish … For dinner.
Cupuasu Pudding … It was delicious. Sweet and Sour.
This is the Cupuasu fruit … It is very popular here.
View from the room is not too shabby …
Surubin … Looks like a Catfish … Quite tasty.
Lunch … Fried Fish (Surubin), Salads, Rice …
Caipirinha … Yum 🙂
Pineapple … Sauteed …
The lower jaw of Boto (Pink Dolphin) … The teeth is strong.
Our last night at Uacari Lodge … The Researchers did a presentation, describing the problem (Dwindling population of the Pink River Dolphins), how they try to conserve it, how the census is taken, how they take help from local communities Etc. The Researchers stay in special lodges sprinkled across the Mamiraua Reserve. We all contributed to their research fund …
The Mamiraua brochure …
The boat ride back to Tefe … After a glorious 4 days in the Mamiraua Reserve … Boat Tours, Canoe Tours, The Floating Lodge, Sunsets, Sunrises, Wildlife …
The Uacari Lodge staff taking selfie before the big Brasil – Costa Rica game. Everyone was very excited and hopeful that the Brasil would do way better than what Argentina managed against Croatia. For anyone who plan to visit the Amazon Rain-Forests, I would highly recommend Mamiraua Reserve’s Uacari Floating Lodge. Not just the experience and the amazing scenery, the staff is wonderful as well. They take care of you with a big smile, Within my limited means, I tried my best to tip them well. They are all from the local communities and know the terrain and environment very well. Also, the extras (E.g. Bar) are so reasonably priced … it was very easy for them to have fleeced the tourists … Where else are you going to get chilled beer so deep in the Amazon? Also, where else are you going to get WiFi (albeit not the fastest) so deep in the Amazon?



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