Myanmar – Day1

Among the options I researched, Air Asia was the most optimal (Timing and Cost). I was surprised to note that Air Asia has managed to move out of the dog house (the old LCCT) in Kuala Lumpur into the pretty fine KLIA2, which seemed almost on par with KLIA.

KLIA2 >> LCTT 🙂 Air Asia moves out of the junkyard …

At the food court, got reacquainted with one of my favorite dishes, Curry Noodles. The mix of curry, chicken, tofu, noodles and all the spices. Had half a mind to have two 😉

Curry Noodles. With loads of chilli and hot sauce … Just the way I like it 😉

Unlike the good ol’ “get down and walk” scheme of LCCT, KLIA2 has flight tunnels/walkways. In terms of connectivity, cost and service, Air Asia is the best for South East Asia. Since there are many more countries to explore in this region, I will be seeing a lot of KLIA, I guess.

No more walking on the tarmac (LCTT) … KLIA2 is pretty big.

I am typing this in my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Yangon. I am amazed at the number of Aussies in the flight. I guess it is probably due to Air Asia’s connectivity to Australia (Perth/Sydney/Etc.).

I noticed a surreal sight the moment the plane touched down on the runway. The local Burmese dudes sitting next to me and several others made a mad rush to the exit door. I am not kidding, the moment the wheels touched the runway :-). The flight attendant had to chase them down and force them to sit till the plane reached the gate. It was hilarious. I know Indians are known to jump the gun w.r.t queues Etc. But this …

Though small, Yangon International Airport is a pretty fine airport. Immigration, with the eVISA, was a breeze, though they did point out that I am about to run out of passport pages.

Though I tried ATMs of some 5-6 banks, I couldnt locate one with no surcharges 🙁

Then came the fun part … Haggling with cab guys. Momentarily, I felt like a Rock Star swarmed by fans. In reality it was cab guys swarming me 😉 After some back and forth, settled on one guy who ultimately begged me for extra from the agreed upon price. Finally I thought what the heck and paid him.

The entire 16Km trip, he was trying various calls, arguing with someone in Burmese. Traffic was not that bad and though it was raining, made it to the hotel in good time. On the way, saw some lighted Pagodas … Can’t wait.

The cab guy trying to do some kind of prayer …


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