Medieval Edinburgh … [Scotland]

Cute and small. That is what Edinburgh is for me … Thoroughly enjoyed the several days in this town. The Old Town, with its cobbled streets and the crown jewel (Edinburgh Castle!) is a delight. The Whiskey Museum was a nice interlude as well.

We also took a bus tour through the Scottish Highlands, including the Loch Ness. My kids went ga-ga over Nessie 🙂 We ended up buying several Nessie dolls. The weather was fickle, bright periods mixed with overcast conditions. The highlands is very beautiful when the sun shines in full glory.

The Edinburgh Castle of course, IMHO, is the prime attraction in Edinburgh. Perched on top of a hill, it is very prominent.


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The entrance … Edinburgh Castle was built around 12th Century.

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Statue of Robert the Bruce … Near the entrance. He was one of the most famous of the Scottish Warriors. The other is of course, William Wallace, who also has his statue. As one would recall, William Wallace was depicted in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart movie in 1995.


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A view of Edinburgh … From the Castle.
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Another part of Edinburgh …. From one of the viewpoints along the Castle grounds.
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I am sure the enemies would not have had an easy time laying siege on this Castle …
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One of the gift shops … Inside the Castle Complex.

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I am a fan of tourist-friendly systems like good directions …
SummerVac2010-18-082810-Casio 306
That is some cannonball … Imagine getting hit by one of these monsters.
SummerVac2010-18-082810-Casio 324
Some great glass-work … Inside one of the Chapels.
SummerVac2010-18-082810-Casio 360
You can see the North Sea in the background … As the Castle is on a higher ground, the views are very nice.
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Some wonderful pastries … Coffee time!

SummerVac2010-18-082810-Casio 400

SummerVac2010-18-082810-Casio 442
The Edinburgh Castle … From down below.



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