Is Iceland scenic?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Without a doubt …

Absolutely …


Though a small country, Iceland packs all kinds of weather (Rain, Sunshine, Snow, Hail Etc.) with Glaciers, Geysers, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Volcanoes and Lava Fields. Even though the number of tourists visiting Iceland has been exploding since 2010, Iceland is still a dream destination. I was surprised to see the number of Asians (Chinese, Indians Etc.) visiting Iceland. If the current trend continues, Iceland will soon be overrun by tourists. I sincerely hope that the tourists stay responsible and help preserve the delicate Glaciers and other natural wonders of Iceland. Over-tourism has killed many a tourist spot and I wish Iceland can buck that trend.

Following is a pictorial representation of the beauty of Iceland, starring:

  • Cute towns
  • Waterfalls
  • Open fields
  • Rivers
  • Craters
  • Beaches
  • Lagoons
  • Mountains
  • Glaciers
  • Lava rock formations
  • Icebergs


Iceland is a photographer’s delight. Since my photography skills are quite poor, I stuck with my cell/mobile phone for all my photos. The sheer range of colors and landscapes were just amazing. Temperature-wise Iceland does not seem that cold a place. Typical Range: -5C to 13C. Not that bad, eh? Wait till you experience the winds! The wind-chill is debilitating and even taking a photograph becomes a major exercise.








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