Manaus, capital of Amazonas … [Brazil]

I was actually shocked to see how big Manaus is … Since it is deep in the Brazil state of Amazonas, I was expecting a small town. Also, I was just coming from Tefe, which is more like the size of town I was expecting in Amazon basin. With good public transit, huge malls Etc., Manaus reminded me of any big South American city.

Well … That is one big bad boy, roaming the Amazon … Proves how big the river is.
Bellissimo … The Speed Boat that brought me from Tefe to Manaus in 12 hours … 520Km. This leg was mostly through the middle of the mighty river …
A fancy Mall … What is the big deal, right? But, this is Amazon! Shouldn’t we be seeing tiny 10-item stores??? After coming from the minuscule Tefe, with its tiny stores, tiny hotels, tiny roads, Manaus surprised me. I guess with a population of 2.5M+, it is not surprising … Since it was Saturday, the Mall was bustling …
Photograph and Autograph session with Tulio Maravilha … I had to Google him 🙂 Never heard of him before. But there were people lined up for the privilege …
A huge food court … Now, you might be thinking, look at this Country Guy, taking pictures of the food court in a Mall … But, this is Amazon! After coming from the minuscule Tefe, with its tiny stores, tiny hotels, tiny roads, Manaus surprised me. I guess with a population of 2.5M+, it is not surprising … Since it was Saturday, the Mall was bustling …
After a few days of less spice, wanted to heat it up … I love Chinese food with Beer.
Carrefour … Last time I entered one was in UAE. Went in to load up on Beer 🙂
Another brand of Beer …
Chipa … Pretty common here as well.
Teatro Amazonas … The pride of Manaus. Took 12 years to complete and was completed in 1896. The Barons of Amazon, in those days, looked up to the Europeans and tried to mimic the European (especially French) style as much as possible.
The dude who was instrumental in building Teatro Amazonas … Eduardo Ribeiro, the Governor​ of Amazonas.
Inside … The have incorporated Jungle themes inside. Apparently, the rich and famous liked to pick seats that allowed others to see them better. They were not that concerned if THEY could see the performance better … 🙂
From the 19th century … Color projectors
Women wore fancy clothes … It must have been hot inside! No ACs in those days 🙂
Acai Smoothie … Acai is very common. The locals milk it as much as possible.
Palacete Provincial … The building had 4 small exhibits going on … Amazon Military, Artists Etc.
Reminds me of the Uacari Floating Lodge scenery …
Police … Even on Sunday, they were around at all major points.
Rio Negro Palace …. Could not go inside. A restored Rubber Baron’s Estate.
Manaus Market … Since it was a Sunday, most shops were closed.
All kinds of freshwater Fish …
You can also have grilled/fried Fish … But so close so the Market (Smell!), I did not have the appetite …
Tambaqui …. I know that Fish … (Pretty tasty Fish)
There were many Tour operators like this one …
There were a few people around, even on a
Sunday …
Hah! That is one colorful building … Orange and Yellow!!
Heavy metal CDs/DVDs … Pirated, I am sure 🙂
Colors of the Vegetable Market …
Sunday Morning Market … Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.
Matriz Church … Several people were taking a nap on the lawn.
Nice clock … But the time? FYI, I took this picture around noon.
Terminal Matriz Bus Stops … Pickpockets are rampant here. Got to be careful …
In case you like to rent a bicycle … Did not notice any cyclists around.
Portuguese newspaper … After enough Caipirinhas, I started understanding Portuguese … 🙂




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