The Island-City-State of Singapore …

With one of the World’s best airlines (Singapore Airlines) based here, it is no surprise that I have been to Singapore many times. I just love cities with tropical climate, good public transit and above all, safety. As with other Asian mega-cities, Singapore is also a mix of various cultures.

One of the first things you would notice is how clean Singapore is. Very impressive, considering that it is based in Asia (where a lot of the cities struggle with waste) and hosts a lot of people. The entire city is quite tourist-friendly and it is obvious that the country recognizes the importance of tourism to their economy.

There have been many new additions to Singapore, since my 1st visit, like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, lot of the attractions in Sentosa Etc. Changi International Airport, is definitely one of the best in the World, IMHO. It is a real pleasure to spent time at this airport. A place where flight delays are most welcome! 🙂

Hotel W … Sentosa Island.
Hotel W … @Sentosa Island. The same view as above, around 8AM in the morning.
Around 6AM in the morning … 🙂
These huge structures look great … @Gardens by the Bay. It was a real hot day and we were sweating like crazy.


Gardens by the Bay … The flora was just amazing and very well maintained.
Some huge fish … In a water tank @Gardens by the Bay.


There was a nice Cactus garden as well …
Giant Lotus leaves …
Marina Bay Sands … From Gardens by the Bay. At this point in the day, it was supremely hot 🙂
Food Court, at Vivo City … There were so many counters, it was confusing … I had a tough time in making a decision.
These buns with sweet filling … Yum!
Singapore skyline …
Universal Studios, Singapore …
Going local … Tiger Beer (Though it is now brewed in more than 10 countries)
Singapore-042511 243
Little India … With a strong Tamil (India) influence. When we made the trip from USA, the food in Anjappar hit the spot. Crab Masala, Rice & Curries, Porotta Etc.

Singapore-042511 284

Singapore-042511 316
A model of the Marina Bay Sands …
Singapore-042511 331
View from the top of Marina Bay Sands …

Singapore-042511 355

Singapore-042511 385
Cable Car … To Sentosa Island.



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