The colourful Saint Basil’s Cathedral … (Moscow)

“The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed” … Nah, I will stick with the common and well-known name: “Saint Basil’s Cathedral” … 🙂

St. Basil’s Cathedral, in my opinion, dominates the Red Square. It is also probably the most easily recognized landmark in Russia. On a sunny day, the various colours will just blind you …



Narrow corridors, multiple chapels, myriad paintings … You name it, the Cathedral has it all. I would suggest renting the Audio Guide. It is worth the price as there is not much English explanations around.

Right at the entrance, in the 1st room, there is a highly-transparent glass partition. I gave some entertainment to everyone around by walking briskly and banging myself right onto the partition. I am lucky it did not break 🙂

A must-visit, if ever there was one …





The eye-popping Gorkhi-Terelj National Park … (Mongolia)

Mongolia has no dearth of open land … 🙂 When you travel to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing, you cross the Gobi desert. One can note a lot of wild camels, horses Etc. The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is around 40 Km from Ulaanbaatar by road. During my 3-4 hours in the park, I was very impressed with the amazing scenery.

I suggest that you rent a car (with driver, which is what I did) from your hotel. That way you can explore the park, which is huge, at your own pace and spent time at points which are of interest to you. On the way, you can also visit the huge Genghis Khan Statue Complex.











Mystic Forbidden City …. (Beijing)


Other than the fact that it was an extremely hot and sunny day, I had a great time at the Forbidden City. It is huge and very crowded. My recommendation would be to visit as early in the day as possible … Also, bring a lot of drinking water!





Amazing USA …

I love travelling and I have explored 36 of the US states, so far. 14 more to go … 🙂

The pending ones are:

(1) Alaska

(2) Nebraska

(3) Minnesota

(4) North Dakota

(5) West Virginia

(6) North Carolina

(7) South Carolina

(8) Kentucky

(9) Alabama

(10) Mississippi

(11) Rhode Island

(12) Maine

(13) Vermont

(14) Kansas

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the 36 states. Hope you can see why I consider USA the best country I have had the privilege to visit. The freeways, the range of terrains, English (!), the block-busters (Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Everglades Etc.) … What a country!