Planning for Summer 2010 Vacation …

Planning to visit India during Summer 2010. Its my first visit to Kerala in 4 years! Though I have met my father when he visited US in Jun 2009, I havent seen my mother since Feb 2006. Really looking forward to the trip.

After a lot of research and pondering, we have decided to spend 1-2 weeks in England and Ireland. Since it is summer, the weather should be quite okay (except for the intermittent rains). I am in the process of making the detailed plans.

On my way out to India, I will be visiting Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg). Have started researching for this. For me, that is a lot of fun! Not only does it increase your understanding of a region of the world, it offers a lot of scope for Problem Solving 🙂 Each trip brings it owns intricacies and complications.

I am a big fan of Rick Steves. I have all his travel books and most of his TV shows (DVD). I am now in the process of researching Norway and microscheduling my days in Norway …

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