Blagaj Dervish Monastery [Bosnia-Herzegovina]

The overhanging rocks, the crystal clear water, the amazing local trout, the peaceful surroundings ….

A visit to Blagaj is well worth it IMHO.

The Blagaj Dervish Monastery …. A very quiet and peaceful place.


The overhanging rocks … Believe it or not, the Monastery is fully covered above by the rock …. !


The water source … Crystal clear water.
One can note the clarity of the water …





I had the local trout for lunch and man, it was AMAZING! Some of the freshest fish I have had in my life. After a real hot day, beer and the fish … Hah!

The only downside was that I had to wait almost 2 hours to get the bus back to Mostar. The buses are quite infrequent on this route. But even with that, I would still recommend a side day-trip to Blagaj … If not for nothing else, for the fish 😉


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