Burj Khalifa – World’s tallest building … [UAE]

I am a huge fan of tall buildings and structures … Am in awe of the engineers and experts who create these marvels, which can withstand winds, earthquakes Etc.

So far, I have covered World Trade Center (In 2001, just 2 months before the sad 09/11, USA), Petronas Towers (Malaysia), IFC (Hong Kong), Empire State Building (USA), Eiffel Tower (France), Burj Khalifa (UAE), Taipei 101 (Taiwan) Etc.

Burj Khalifa was featured in “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”. It dominates the Dubai skyline. You can see it far away. I just wish it was not so expensive to go to the Observatory (148th Floor) 🙂 I have visited Burj Khalifa twice, once in 2010 and once in 2015.


01-SummerVac2010-10-080110 100
As I said, one can see Burj Khalifa from far away … I read in the newspaper that the inauguration (in 2010) was very grand, with an excellent fireworks display.
1-SummerVac2010-10-080110 116
The steel facade of the building looks awesome in sunlight …
02-SummerVac2010-10-080110 107
Dwarfing other buildings … 🙂
04-SummerVac2010-10-080110 118
As with all tall buildings, there is a mall at the base … Is it not a nice display? Divers and a waterfall.
05-SummerVac2010-10-080110 136
Not many people around the mall …
06-SummerVac2010-10-080110 155
Pretty much all fashion brands are represented …
07-SummerVac2010-10-080110 163
“Tallest Building”. “Tallest Free-Standing Structure”. “Tallest Structure”. Impressive records …
08-SummerVac2010-10-080110 175
Looks like an enlarged pin … From the bottom.
09-SummerVac2010-10-080110 191
From the top: Those other buildings are no dwarfs … But compared to Burj Khalifa …

10-SummerVac2010-10-080110 19311-SummerVac2010-10-080110 19612-SummerVac2010-10-080110 199

13-SummerVac2010-10-080110 216
Looks like some alien spaceship …

14-SummerVac2010-10-080110 22215-SummerVac2010-10-080110 231

16-SummerVac2010-10-080110 251
You might remember this view from “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” movie.
17-SummerVac2010-10-080110 262
The Dubai Metro station … Another space ship!? 🙂 From what I heard, it is decently used by the locals.

18-SummerVac2010-10-080110 26519-summervac2010-10-080110-281.jpg

20-SummerVac2010-10-080110 283
For a closer look … 
Coming to Dubai from Abu Dhabi … You can see the bad boy in the background.
A colorful replica … In the main lobby.
Outdoor terrace at Level 124 …. Taken from Level 125.







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