Irish capital Dublin … [Ireland]

As with most areas of the United Kingdom, as far as I experienced, Dublin/Ireland also has quite overcast conditions. The city has quite a few historical sights and is well worth a visit.

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    Spire of Dublin … Made of stainless steel and 120 meters in height!
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    The 1882 monument and statue dedicated to Daniel O’Connell ‘The Liberator’ … Daniel O’Connell was an Irish politician who played a big role in Catholic Emancipation.
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    Trinity College … Established in 1592.
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    Statue of George Salmon … George Salmon was a distinguished and influential Irish mathematician and Theologian.
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    ‘Sfera con Sfera’ sculpture at Trinity College … Not sure what it is meant to signify 🙂
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    St. Patrick’s Cathedral … Around 800 years old! National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. They have conducted tours at specific times.
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    What is a trip to Ireland without trying Guinness? 🙂
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    Dublin Castle … Earlier it was used as UK’s power center in Dublin. Nowadays it is an Irish Government Complex.
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    There were some real good sand sculptures on display … @Irish Castle.
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    Another angle of St. Patrick’s Cathedral …
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    St. Patrick’s Cathedral … One solid Cathedral. It is supposedly the tallest Church in Ireland.

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    River Liffey … It is a nice walk alongside the river.
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    Some of the bridges across the River Liffey had some interesting architecture …

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    Another view of the Spire of Dublin …



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