Tefe – Deep in the Amazonas state … [Brazil]

Tefe is quite a small town. It does not take too much effort to explore Tefe. More than any major sights, it was observing how the locals went about their daily business that I found most interesting.

Some Carnival was going on … I had gone out in search of food.
Neymar and Brazil Football Team was everywhere! Imagine, when Brazil lost in the knock-out phase.
Tefe port … Tefe is a small town deep in the Amazonas State, and is the gateway to Mamiraua Reserve.
Small fish market …
I had a haircut in Tefe … A real rundown Barber Shop. Look what he had at the counter. Tried asking him what it was for …
Roamed around a local market …
Tefe Church … No great shakes. But I guess one has to consider where it is built.
Inside of the Church …
Beer for the day!
As I said, Tefe is a small town … There were a lot of “Bike Taxi” or “Moto Taxi” guys around. They were eyeing me like Vultures …
Hmmm … Whose T-Shirts are these???
Treadmill for sale … The town might be deep in the Amazonas state, but modern comforts are around.
Tefe Port … At Dusk …
The ticket counter from where I purchased the Tefe-Manaus Boat Ticket … The two girls at the counter giggled away at my lack of Portuguese knowledge.
Luxury Taxi of Tefe … 
The festival I was talking about … It went on till freaking 3AM! Loud music, firecrackers Etc.
Transit Cops … Traffic Police.
Buying Dinner … Had Beef Noodles.


A young Mother prepping the Child for Soccer fever 🙂
Football is such a passion here … I have not been to too many places where Ladies are as knowledgeable and passionate about a sport like the Gents. I was very impressed with their knowledge of the history, statistics and records w.r.t. Football. During most of our meals at Uacari Lodge, the discussions was about Football. (Side Note: I made a case for my favorites Diego Maradona and Roberto Baggio). I heard stories of how passionate Brasil Club Football is how people are afraid to wear Team T-Shirts in case a group of opposing fans notices !?
Brazil missed a few great chances, 2 of them by Neymar. I felt they dominated the game but did not have the goals to show for it. But then, Costa Rica is no push-over. When they declared the penalty for Neymar, you should have seen the joy here. But that turned to be some Sean Penn-worthy Oscar acting by Neymar 
09:45: Goooaaaaaalllll!!!!!!! Firecrackers! Excited people on the streets! Hug from the Hotel Frontdesk Guy! Man, Brasil cut it too close Goooaaaaaalllll!!!! Neymar!!!! Poor Costa Rica … Played well for 89 minutes.
I quickly went out to the streets … There was enough firecrackers to shake the Earth. Everyone was out on their bikes, loudly honking, playing the bugle … Party time!!! I walked around taking in the locals’ delirious happiness … A sea of Green and Yellow! What would happen of they had won WC2018???
Various cuts of meat … At the supermarket.
Caju Juice … It has been such a long time since I got the taste of Cashew Fruit, I bought a couple. The taste does take some getting used to and it is pungent … 
Tefe town square … Happening Place!!  Tefe is such a small town … Pretty much everyone is a Bike/Moto Taxi person. Ladies also drive Moto Taxi. I noticed that in Brazil (especially here), whatever be the store, sales staff will be standing outside, trying to attract customers …
Tried a Brazilian Grill … Tefe. The Sausages and grilled meat was ….YUM!




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