Hong Kong, the unique Asian metropolis … [China]

I was a huge fan of Bruce Lee when I was a child. Therefore I really liked his statue (and the pose) at Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui. A very prominent tribute to the Martial Arts Super-Star.

I made a mistake with the time I visited Victoria Peak. I should have gone much later in the day, to allow for the fog to burn off. Even with the fog, the views were very nice. Instead of the Peak Tram (Funicular Railway), one can also walk up if athletically inclined (Which I definitely am, but I still took the tram ;-).

The Hong Kong Metro is a breeze to use. Very tourist (and local) friendly.

Hong Kong, a former British colony which was handed back to China, has an estimated GDP of over 300 Billion USD and is definitely one of Asia’s powerhouse cities. The area around Victoria Harbor reminds me of Manhattan, with the numerous tall buildings packed into it.

Wow! That is one tall AND narrow building … Wonder how much wind-tilt it can handle 🙂
From Victoria Peak … As you can see, it was quite foggy.
The road one can use for the climb up to Victoria Peak …
The Peak Tower … Victoria Peak. It houses a Food Court and Souvenir Shops Etc.


The iconic floating eatery, Jumbo … The guide told me that many celebrities, like Tom Cruise, have eaten here.
“2 IFC” – International Finance Center … I inquired if there was a viewing deck or if one could go up … Nope. Only for people who work there.
The climb up to the Buddha Statue, Ngong Ping 360. The damn fog again … 🙂
The view of Ngong Ping 360, from near the Buddha statue.
The massive Buddha statue at Ngong Ping …











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