The 1000+ years old Prague Castle … [Czech Republic]

I have been hearing and reading a lot about the Prague Castle … As it happens with highly hyped sights, I was a bit apprehensive as to whether Prague Castle will meet (or exceed my expectations).

Well, it sure does!

Official Website:

We visited Czech Republic in December, which means the region was ice-cold. We mainly went during that time to experience the famed Christmas Markets in this part of the World. There are disadvantages to visiting Czech Republic during Winter:

(1) Some sights will be closed for the Winter. E.g. We could not enter the Cesky Krumlov Castle.

(2) Those who love greenery will miss it 🙂 While travelling through Czech Republic and Austria, it struck me that these areas must be just spectacular during Summer. (As Terminator says, “I will be back!” :-))

Prague Castle requires at the very least 4-5 hours to explore. It is best to go as early as you can, because once the crowds get it, some of the internal sights get really crowded. E.g. Golden Lane and St. Vitus Cathedral. There are several Souvenir stores, paid restrooms and cafes within the Castle Complex.

We took the Prague Metro to Malostranská station and walked up to the Castle. You can also take the Trams right up to the Castle, if walking uphill is not your thing. We wanted to stroll the streets in that area and hence preferred to walk up to the Castle.

Change of Guards … This one was at 9AM. Almost 90% of the tourists the day we went were Asians, with several huge tour groups.
It cannot be easy to hold your expression and stand steady when you are surrounded by tourists and cameras …
Stained glass work inside St. Vitus Cathedral … There were many such windows and it was magnificent.
Stained glass work inside St. Vitus Cathedral … There were many such windows and it was magnificent.
Inside St. Vitus Cathedral … There was a long queue just to get in.
The exterior was just as magnificent as the interiors … Look at the intricate architectural work.
St. George Basilica … It is the oldest Church within the Prague Castle. Over 1000 years old! Amazing …
The square at the entrance of Prague Castle … We got there pretty early, to avoid the crowds.
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic.
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Have seen many Churches, Cathedrals and Basilicas so far … But if I were to list my favorite so far, this would be it!
Just a treat for your eyes and hard work for your camera … 


Is it not a magnificent Spire? St. Vitus Cathedral.


Stained glass work inside St. Vitus Cathedral … There were many such windows and it was magnificent.
Even the gates were awesome …
Vladislav Hall … This hall was used by the Bohemian Monarchy for major events.
A small Christmas Market within the Prague Castle Complex … You can see St. George Basilica in the background.
Guards on the way to the Change of Guards … As per my understanding, there is a change every hour.
Inside St. George Basilica …


Inside one of the several small houses in the Golden Lane … Golden Lane gets especially crowded during peak times.
A view of the Golden Lane … Filled with small houses.


Torture equipment 🙁
Shields and Armours … In the Golden Lane, Prague Castle Complex.
Almost all the streets within the Prague Castle are cobble-stoned …
View of the Prague Castle from across the Vltava River …






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