Le Americana – An awesome lunch experience … [Argentina]

One cannot ignore the Spanish influence in Argentina … One of the imports is Empanada, the yummy baked (or fried) meat-filled pastry. Based on reviews I had read online, I had lunch at Le Americana.

Given below is the Google Maps direction to get to the Le Americana restaurant I went to:



This location is very close to Congreso de la Nacion, Buenos Aires.


Empanadas …. Various fillings were available. I tried Beef and Chicken.
I was sure after gorging on the food at Le Americana, I did look like this … But what the heck, it is not every day one gets to eat such stuff.
The goodies … At Le Americana. The restaurant was bustling with customers and the meat dishes were YUM!

I ate the lunch, at a standing-counter … The Empanadas were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.




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