Train ride from Zagreb to Ljubljana … [Croatia/Slovenia]

After the excellent train from Split to Zagreb (run by Croatian Railways, HZPP), I was a bit shocked when I saw the train which I had to take to Ljubljana. Since it was an International train, I was expecting a modern and posh train. I was waiting at platform #1 for the train to arrive and I was on the lookout for a particular train as per my imagination … At the last minute, just before the train was about to leave, I had the good sense to ask a fellow passenger if that was the train to Ljubljana. Good that I asked because that run-down train was indeed the one! I had nearly missed it … Forget about AC and other amenities, during the journey, I was worried the train will fall apart 🙂


Actually, on the whole, the train is not so bad … Maybe that unkempt look is intentional.


My cabin-mate happened to be a Slovenian guy returning from a trip to the USA. He explained to me that in his opinion both Slovenia and Croatia were ignoring the trains on this route, expecting the other to maintain it. He gave me a heads-up that the security check (Since we will be entering Euro-Zone) will be relatively intense. I had brought small bottles of Wine with me. I enjoyed the Wine with some snacks I had brought with me, while enjoying the views.

Beautiful houses, farms, small towns, rivers Etc. It was a nice 3-3.5hr journey. The border checks was quite intense and I got questions regarding my origin, my destination, my business in Slovenia, contents of my bag Etc.


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