Finally (!!), a Cruise experience … [Mexico]

After waiting in the fringes for a long long time, we took the plunge and went for week-long cruise. As I was mentioning to people that we are going on a cruise (or that we had just returned from a cruise), I noticed that many people were/are “thinking about it” … Since we too “thought about it” for a long time, I understand the “Should We?” mentality. Having done it (and milked whatever experiences I could possibly get out of a cruise (check out the photos)), I can safely suggest to all the people sitting on the fence: Go ahead and take the plunge!

Disclaimer: I do not work for Princess or Carnival or Seabourn or Cunard or Royal Caribbean or NCL or Disney or Holland America etc.

It is just that I felt it was a very unique experience and one I thought would have been a loss for my family if we had not done it.

Will it clean out your pocket? Yes! It could (and did, in my case 🙂 …

Are there aspects about it which you may not like? Yeah, sure. Just as with any vacation.

But is it worth it? YES!

Having set the groundwork, let me move on to two blogs on the subject.

(01) My Cruise Diary …

(02) Tips on Cruising … (Based on our experience)

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