Desert Nights Camp, Al Wasil … [Oman]

It was after quite an extensive online search that we decided on Desert Nights Camp, Al Wasil, as the desert camp we would use during our Oman road-trip. This camp is touted as one of the best desert resorts in the World. I am not sure about that, but I can attest that it is very good.

Desert Nights Camp listed in Oman Air in-flight magazine in May 2019
  • Convenient pick-up and drop from a nearby Petrol Station at Al Wasil (One does not need a 4×4 vehicle due to this)
  • Excellent cabins (We used “Family Deluxe Tented Suite” and it was something)
  • Very helpful staff
  • Quite good breakfast and dinner buffet
  • Lot of (paid-for) options for activities in the desert
  • Very nice desert views
  • Recreation room, in case you want to read some book about Oman or want to play pool or board games
  • Excellent WiFi in the rooms
Our Family Deluxe Cabin #41 … As you can see, due to the persistent sandy winds, there was a pile of sand in the sit-out area.
The living room of our Deluxe Family Cabin #41 … The red tinge is due to the tent and the blazing Sun outside 🙂
The master bedroom … There was a 2nd bedroom as well.

We stayed 2 nights in the camp, mainly to get one full day of just lazing around (the 2nd day) 🙂 If you just want to get an experience of the desert, one night would suffice. In our case, it worked out well as one of our kids was slightly sick when we landed up at the camp. The full day of rest rejuvenated him and we were back on track 🙂

We had collected the contact information for Desert Nights Camp before we landed in Oman. As soon as we reached the Al Maha Gas Station at Al Wasil, we called up the camp and they sent a 4×4 SUV in around 20 minutes. We left our rental car at the pump.

Family Deluxe Tented Suite has:

  • Sitting area, with a lot of colorful pillows
  • 1st bedroom, with a queen bed
  • 2nd bedroom, with 2 twin beds
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Excellent WiFi, actually the fastest we experienced in Oman 🙂
  • Fridge and basic utensils
  • Patio, sitting area (Which may not be easy to use due to the sandy winds)
  • Lots of plug-points
  • AC in all rooms

I really cannot think of what more I would need in a desert resort …

Because of the material used for the tent and the bright sunlight, there is a red hue inside the tent.

Breakfast buffet consisted of various breads, condiments, sausages, processed meats (I loved the Beef Bacon), fruits, egg station Etc.

Dinner buffet consisted of various kinds of grilled meats and fish and various types of rice (there was one with real dried lemons in it, which I loved), various types of breads, a spread of desserts Etc.

At around 17:45, we got the complimentary ride to the top of the nearby sand dune, to watch the sunset. The views were amazing. And the winds? Well, I had never experienced anything like it before. Occasionally, despite wearing wrap-around sunglasses, I had to fully shut my eye! No wonder there were such beautiful patterns made on the sands by the wind. Because there are a few other camps nearby and there were other folks from Desert Nights Camp itself, there were a handful of folks around. I had plonked my tripod in an area slightly farther out.

The 2nd day evening, at around 16:30, I left for a solo walk in the desert. I had read about desert snakes (Vipers!) and was careful where I stepped. I went in the direction of the sand dune on the opposite side of the sand dune we had visited for the sunset. Desert Nights Camp is in the valley in between two huge sand dunes.

The check-out and the ride back to the Al Maha Gas Station was just as smooth as the check-in and ride in.

During the 4×4 ride to the Desert Nights Camp … The road is quite sandy and no way an ordinary sedan could make the trip. But the 4×4 SUV was just flying over the terrain.
A nice ode to Sultan Qaboos at the reception area …
Buggies … In case one likes to go for a personal Dune Bashing experience.
The approach to the Desert Nights Camp. The Oman deserts are filled with all kinds of Desert Camps, ranging from luxurious to basic. Since we have never stayed in the Desert before, we decided to go for a higher-end one. This picture was taken during my solo trek through the desert.
All set on top of the Sand Dune … Waiting for the Sunset! That is the Desert Nights Camp in the background. We had the whole camp to ourselves, except for a couple of Western couples and a group of 3 Asian ladies.
The Desert Nights Camp … The camp is sandwiched between two huge sand dunes.
The never-ending sand dunes … Reminded me of those scenes in movies where someone gets stranded in the desert.
Another nice view of the sand dunes …
Panorama of the Desert Nights Camp, with the nearby sand dunes …
Around 18:30, the Sun set … We were taken back to the camp in the same 4×4 SUV which had brought us to the top of the sand dune.
There was a fence surrounding the camp … Which I think was a good idea.
I did some exploring of the camp, early in the morning. This picture was taken right after Sunrise …
When you go out of the camp, you are supposed to inform the staff … Just in case.
Nature’s art … Pristine sand patterns …
View of the Desert Nights Camp, from the opposite sand dune … I took this picture during my desert hike.
Panorama capturing the Desert Nights Camp as well as the sand patterns …
Desert Nights Camp had a recreation room, with a small library. I enjoyed reading a few of those books, especially this one, which gives a very good overview of the country.



Some tips based on our experience:

Walk through the Desert: I would highly recommend a walk through the desert. It is surreal! Just make sure you do it either before 9AM or after 4PM. Also, it is best to do it when there is sunlight. I would also suggest to carry some water. The sand dunes are so beautiful and it is a relaxing workout as well. Of course, do not wander off deep into the desert without a compass or a sense of direction 🙂

Sunrise and/or Sunset: Sunrise/Sunset is beautiful in the desert. The orange hues, the waves of sand-dunes Etc. is just spectacular.

Cover your eyes (sunglasses or spectacles): If one wears spectacles, it should be fine. But otherwise, it is best one wears sunglasses to avoid the sand getting into the eyes, when you go to watch sunrise/sunset.

Recreation Room: Even if you are not in the mood for indoor games (which kids might enjoy), the small collection of books about Oman, Islam Etc. is a nice read and a relaxing way to spend a few hours.




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