Boca do Mamiraua – An Amazon Community … [Brazil]

During my trip (deep) into the Amazon, the Uacari Lodge had arranged for a trip to one of the local communities.

On the right is Daniela, from Rio, doing her Internship at the Mamiraua Reserve. She is studying Environmental Science. She wants to work in Conservation.
The lady on the left is the Boca do Mamiraua Community’s Guide. There are 35 families in the community. The area has regular flooding problem. Kids have a tough time taking boats to schools. Lot of time goes on commute. There is a huge tree which is the symbol of this community. Apparently Bats love the nuts of this tree. When the guide’s husband’s father, the founder of this community came here, the tree was a baby tree. Other plants live on this tree! Caymans visit this area often. They keep eating chickens. The community is well structured, with President, Secretary Etc. This Guide is the Midwife of the community and also Handicrafts Manager. The Guide’s 16 year old Daughter was bit on the leg by a poisonous snake 5 months back and she, after 5 surgeries, is still not able to walk properly. She has been trying to get Government help. It is not easy. Her Daughter was passionately playing Football when the snake bit and did not recognize the bite for a while, which is what complicated her situation. A doctor visits the community once in a while. Soccer/Football ground which was submerged when I saw, cause it is the flood season. We also saw the school for the community. Classes were going on for smaller kids. The Guide was attacked by an Anaconda when her canoe flooded, 10 years back. She had marks on her right hand. Anaconda is not poisonous, but very strong and its trick is to pull the prey under water. Her husband jumped on to the canoe and since he did not have his knife with him, killed the snake by biting its head! He must have had a huge mouth! We saw the Chicken coop, the Community generator Etc. Every week they get 280 liters of petrol. Every house gets electricity till 6PM.
A traditional Amazon house … On stilts to escape the regular floods.
The lady at the counter billing my items …
These are made from Pirarucu scales …
Beautiful necklaces …. Bought a few for the ladies in my life … (Wife and Daughter 🙂)
The Community’s board …
The Boca do Mamiraua Community Handicrafts Center … I went wild here 🙂
The tag with the souvenirs bought from the Boca do Mamiraua Community …




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