Scottish Highlands … [Scotland]

Though United Kingdom is very scenic, I just wish the weather was a bit better 🙂 Most of the days are overcast and a sunny day is to be highly cherished.

The tour through the Scottish Highlands was highly enjoyable, except maybe for the food 🙂 I just wish it was a bit more sunny. The terrain was very scenic.


SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 339
The tour bus we took … The guide was a hilarious guy, who kept regaling us with his unique accent.
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Off to the highlands …
SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 379
Plains … On the way to Highlands.

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 390

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 399
There were many farm houses on the way …
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The road was very nice and the traffic was light … We were right behind the driver.

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 439SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 453SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 460

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 469
Loch Ness …

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 477

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 495
A typical sight, @Highlands … Rolling hills, streams, lot of grass 🙂

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 539SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 585

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 603
Loch Ness …

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 611

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 677
Haggis … Made from Sheep’s innards (Heart, Liver Etc.). Sorry to say, not my thing … I could sense the fat in my body increasing with each bite 🙂
SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 706
“United we conquer” — Commemorating World War II … Spean Bridge, Scotland

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 775SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 781

SummerVac2010-17-082610-Casio 786
One of the small and cute towns on the way …


110110 229
Hamish, the hairy highland bull, which passed away in 2014 … 
110110 247
Near Kilmahog … Is that not a spectacular scenery?
110110 254
Hamish, the highland bull … This photo was taken in 2010. The bull passed away in 2014 …


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