Lake Bled … [Slovenia]

What a wonderful place Lake Bled is … I had a blast there! The scenic walk around the lake, the amazing views from Bled Castle, the good workout while climbing up to Bled Castle, the fantastic Blejska Kremsnita (Yum!!!!) Etc.

It is easy to purchase the bus ticket from the Ljubljana Bus Station. I started early in the morning, to maximize my time at Lake Bled. When I got down from the bus (from Ljubljana) early in the morning, I was amazed to see many Indians around. Early in the morning, deep in Slovenia, I was not expecting to see too many Indians :-). When I interacted with them, I learned that they were on a weekend tour run by an Indian Tour Company. One of them took the risk of trying to walk around the lake and he ended up having to jog for 7 kilometer to catch his tour bus! I get a feeling that his fellow tourists may not have been happy with him for keeping them waiting  😉

The yummy Blejska Kremsnita … There is the classic version (above) and also a Strawberry version.

Note: The above Blejska Kremsnita photo is from 



The clouds which were around earlier in the morning disappeared towards noon … The Blejska Kremšnita was the perfect end to the trip to Lake Bled.





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