Most scenic places I have seen in USA …

(01) Grand Canyon (Duh! 🙂 – Arizona

The vistas are just plain spectacular. You can spend hours just gazing at the immense canyon …

(02) Rockies from the Antelope Island – Utah

The island itself is very scenic, but the view from the island (towards the Rockies) is just great …

(03) View from Pikes Peak – Colorado

The journey to the peak (using the Cog Rail) is a lot of fun. The view from the top? See for yourself.

(04) Yosemite Valley – California

Well, during Spring time (when the waterfalls have good flow) the valley is picture perfect …

(05) Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

Our favorite National Park … The park is huge and has vistas to satisfy all visitors. Hot springs? Check! Beautiful rivers? Check! Great Lakes? Check! Geysers??? Yeah!! Wildlife? Check!

(06) Crater Lake – Oregon

Wow! What a clear and spectacular lake! Though it is quite remote and a bit tough to get to, I would definitely recommend it!

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