Australian Open 2010 …

Well, my pick Djokovic is out. I wonder what’s up with the guy and his wierd injuries? It underscores the greatness of Federer’s streak of 23 (and counting) consecutive Grand Slam semifinals. Please remember that the next longest streak is 10 (Ivan Lendl, 1985-88 timeframe). Djokovic was definitely in fine form towards the end of 2009 and definitely looked good heading into the Open. Looks like Tsonga is his Achilles’ Heel. There was some superb shotmaking in this match and it is a pity that Djokovic appeared to have nausea problems.

Federer had his hands full with Davydenko. I confess that I have not watched any recent matches of Davydenko. Based on what I remember of his game, I am quite surprised at the recent turn of events which classify him as a genuine threat at Grand Slams and Masters tournaments. But if someone can be leading Federer 6-2 (with 3 breaks?) and a break in the second set, in a Grand Slam, the guy must definitely be playing out of his mind.

At this point, I like Federer’s chances, with Murray the 2nd favorite. Murray’s game against Nadal was “smashing” to say the least!

If it wasnt for the wierd timings for the semifinals (w.r.t. Pacific Zone, that is) I would have loved to watch the semis, filled with 3 young stars and an “old-timer” …

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