Australian Open 2010 – Federer in the Finals …

That makes it 18 Finals over a span of 19 Grand Slams!! The lone “miss” was 2008 Australian when he lost to the ultimate champion Djokovic in the Semifinals. I remember when my former idol Boris Becker was in his prime and I was happy when he made 1 Final in a year (out of the 4 Slams). This guy is setting some standard which will be really tough to beat in the future, in a global sport like Tennis. Looking at his compatriots, I can recall only Nadal who has done something remotely close, by reaching 3 Finals over 4 Slams (2008 French to 2009 Australian. He lost in the Semifinals of 2008 US Open). Agassi had a stretch of 4 consecutive Finals from 1999 French to 2000 Australian. If you look at consecutive Semifinals, then Nadal had 5, from 2008 Australian to 2009 Australian. Djokovic had 5, from 2007 French to 2008 French. Federer’s such streak is 23 and counting …

The Finals will be very interesting. Watching some of the “out of the world” shots Murray hit against Cilic in the Semifinals, I anticipate that Murray will not roll over like Tsonga did and the match will be very competitive. If both the players play at their best levels, I think Federer will win. It was interesting to listen to the shots Federer took at Murray during the interviews after his Semifinals. For some reason, Federer has never given Murray his due. Some of his past comments about Murray were in quite poor taste, in my opinion. This from a guy who is supposedly very well liked by his peers. Murray is a fantastic player and a guaranteed future multi-Slam champion. The wierd thing is that Murray leads their head-to-head 6-4! Figure that …

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