Petronas Towers … One of the tallest buildings in the World [Malaysia]

There are many tall buildings in the World. If a tall building is able to merge the height aspects along with some aesthetics, it is even better. Petronas Towers, even if it is not the tallest building in the World, is definitely one of the prettier ones. The area where Petronas Towers is located, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center), is the center of the sprawling city of Kuala Lumpur. For foodies, Malaysia is a must visit! The variety, along with the influences from nearby regions/countries, makes for some drool-worthy dishes.

Because Kuala Lumpur is no Manhattan (USA) or Victoria Harbor (Hong Kong) or Dubai (UAE), Petronas Towers has a huge prominence and can be seen from various points in the city. One of the best places to view Petronas Towers is KL Tower. Though KL Tower is way shorter than Petronas Towers, the fact that it is perched on a hill makes Petronas Towers look small.

The 1999 movie Entrapment (Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones) showcases the Petronas Towers.

KLCC … Kuala Lumpur City Center. For people who love shopping, KLCC is a great destination.
The steel facade of Petronas Towers is what primarily gives the oomph to the building, me thinks ….


The lower floors house a huge shopping mall, as is common with the other tall buildings I have been to (Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 Etc.)
Ceiling … Inside the Petronas Towers.
Petronas Towers during sunset … From “Marini’s on 57”, Kuala Lumpur.
Petronas Towers … From Kuala Lumpur Tower.


The twins getting lit up at night …
View from the 41st/42nd floor Sky Bridge …


Looking up from the 41st/42nd floor Sky Bridge …






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