An ode to Taipei 101 … [Taiwan]

I am big fan of tall buildings. So far, I have covered World Trade center (New York, during 2001 June 🙁 Sniff …), Empire State Building, Sears/Willis Tower, Petronas Towers, 2 IFC, Burj Khalifa Etc.

Taipei 101 is another notch in my wish-list and the long-term plan. Unlike Manhattan or Dubai, Taipei 101 does not have too many nearby competition (I.e. Other tall buildings). I visited this magnificent building both during night as well as daytime. Taipei 101 is quite easy to get to, covered by the Taipei MRT (Metro). As is usual with tall buildings, there is a big mall at the bottom. The building has a huge Wind Damper, as can be seen in the photo below. Also, in front of the building, they have a nice display of an artwork made with elevator cables.


The huge Wind Damper … Even the cable holding it up is as wide as a grown-up human …


One of the views from the top …


Elephant Mountain, from the top of Taipei 101 … Climbing Elephant Mountain was one experience. So humid it was …


They keep changing the color of the lighting … I saw a violet version and a red version (The one shown above)


The cute artwork, made from old elevator cables …



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