Train ride from Belgrade to Novi Sad … [Serbia]

The Belgrade Railway Station gives the hint that railways may not be the top priority for  the Serbian Government. I am making this judgement based on how “Old-School” the station looks and how it is much less crowded than what I had expected. I got myself a beer and roamed around the premises and did some crowd-watching.

The train, reaching a maximum speed of around 120Km/Hr, was clean and modern and made the Belgrade to Novi Sad trip in around 1.5 hours. Novi Sad is definitely worth a visit and the fact that it is on the banks of the great Danube is an attraction.

When I walked into the Belgrade Railway Station (After taking a bus #72 from Nikola Tesla International Airport to reach the town center), to be frank, I was a bit surprised … Is this a running coach!?
The train to Novi Sad was, thankfully, quite modern and comfortable …
We kept passing small towns on the way …
The maximum speed … Around 120Km/Hr.
An empty station on the way … I could see many daily commuters using the train. As far as I could see, I was the only non-local around …


The daily commuters heading home @ one of the stations …


There were lot of farmlands on the way …


The bus #72 from Nikola Tesla International Airport … It takes around 40min to get from the Airport to the Railway Station.
The Belgrade Railway Station … Not a very imposing one.
The train to Novi Sad … Much better 🙂
My attempt at amateur trick photography …. 🙂 Having a beer while waiting for the departure.
The timetable … You need to use common-sense and city names to decode it.




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