WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Built-in calorie burning opportunities …

It amuses me to notice how folks make life easier for them, to such an extent that later on, the same folks spent lot of money in counter-balancing the same easiness which is inbuilt into their lives.


– A person who always takes his/her car for a 1 Kilometer trip to visit the local convenience store and who buys an expensive treadmill for regular “exercise”

РA person who always takes the elevator instead of stairs (and instead drives to the Gym to use StairMaster, or buys a StairMaster for use at home)

– A person who has a nice bicycle and a nice neighbourhood (where he/she could ride it) and never uses it, and instead, buys an expensive (to buy and to maintain) indoor exercise bike

IMHO, it is a waste of money as well. We should be looking out for inbuilt opportunities in our daily lives, to burn those extra calories.

Weight Loss is a “Journey” and not a “Destination”.


WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Oil …

Note: These War On Fat (WOF) tips are based on my personal experience and the impact it has had on my health.

Most of us use oil for cooking. In fact, if you eat out, oil in various forms are guaranteed to be present. There is no doubt that oil adds a lot of flavor to the food. But at what cost? That is the million dollar question. In this day and age, when even 20-year-olds have drooping paunches, I personally feel that it is best for people to be careful about the oil intake.

Yesterday I ordered takeout from a newly opened hit restaurant. The food was Yum! But it was dripping in lard. After a few morsels, I had to give up on the food.

My main thought is about reusing oil. In Indian households, we use oil for frying fish, papads, chicken etc. The oil is reused several times over in most cases. Unless you are an expert in the proper heating and cooling and the technically-correct way of reusing oil, I would suggest that you refrain from reusing oil. (Extra Virgin Olive Oil is supposedly better for resuse). In fact, I would suggest you go a step further and reduce oil intake and usage to almost nil.

Fried items, while tasting good, is a killer, unless you exercise like a professional.