WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Built-in calorie burning opportunities …

It amuses me to notice how folks make life easier for them, to such an extent that later on, the same folks spent lot of money in counter-balancing the same easiness which is inbuilt into their lives.


– A person who always takes his/her car for a 1 Kilometer trip to visit the local convenience store and who buys an expensive treadmill for regular “exercise”

– A person who always takes the elevator instead of stairs (and instead drives to the Gym to use StairMaster, or buys a StairMaster for use at home)

– A person who has a nice bicycle and a nice neighbourhood (where he/she could ride it) and never uses it, and instead, buys an expensive (to buy and to maintain) indoor exercise bike

IMHO, it is a waste of money as well. We should be looking out for inbuilt opportunities in our daily lives, to burn those extra calories.

Weight Loss is a “Journey” and not a “Destination”.


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