About me …

I am a technology professional, formerly based in USA and currently based in India, who likes to travel, read, play squash, ping pong and tennis, enjoy various cuisines, and last, but not the least, follow sports as a fan (NBA/Tennis/NFL/Cricket/Olympics). I also like to keep myself up-to-date with current events and consider myself “World Aware” (I.e. I can locate Iraq on a World map! 🙂 ).

Hopefully my Blogs will give you an idea about me and my interests and if we have a lot in common, please look me up on other sites like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Also, if you happen to Blog about similar topics (especially Travels or Fitness), please do let me know. I would like to follow it and compare notes, wherever possible …


One thought on “About me …

  1. Sivaram Eluru


    I know this is not the right place to post but I have no Alternative.Sorry
    for your inconvenience

    I am Sivaram, I have done my Masters from BITS Pilani.I have been graduated in 2015.I am interested in VLSI(Physical Design,RTL Design,Verification) .I have done courses like VLSI design,Advanced VLSI Design,VLSI Architecture,Advanced VLSI Architecture.I have done my projects basically on these profiles.I am ready to work in any of the mentioned profiles.I am quite good in Verilog, C language.I have hands on experience in EDA tools like Cadence(Virtuoso, Encounter, RTL Compiler, NC-Launch), Mentor Graphics(HDL Designer), Synopsys,Matlab.I have done internship at Polycom R&D Hyderabad in Voice End points Engineering team.I have done Perl Scripting for Automation test cases and also done debugging of software issues
    I am looking for an Entry level job opportunity.Please go through my Resume and provide me an Opportunity to prove myself.Hope I can hear something from you.

    Thanking You,

    Eluru SivaRam Prasad
    BITS Pilani
    Email: sivarameluru1@gmail.com
    Mobile: 9705284954, 9763805149

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