WOF (War On Fat) Tip: Pain …

I am sure you all must have experienced it as well. While working out, there comes a phase, during the early part, when your body screams “DUDE! TAKE IT EASY!!!!”. For me, it usually happens after the first 5 minutes. I.e. During minutes 5-8. Your body will try and coax you into stopping the madness and heading to the comfy Sofa and yummy Chips (and the oozy Pizza, oily Fries and made-in-Mars Sodas). Thats where we need to let our mind defeat the body, IMHO. If you can bite through that phase, trust me, you will enter that Zone. Assuming you dont overdo the overall workout, you will come out with a high level of energy.

The ThumsUp Soft Drink Ad in India has the tag line: “Dar ke aage jeet hai” (“There is Victory beyond the Fear …”).

My point is: “There is Victory beyond the Pain …”.


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