Plastic! – Boon or Bane?

Obviously, plastic is very convenient. No question. It permeates pretty much every aspect of our life: Toys, Automobiles, Office stationery, Gadgets etc. Lately, one can notice that more and more cities and states are banning plastic and at the very least, making it quite pricey to keep using plastic. For example, a lot of stores charge extra if you want plastic bags.

Aside from the fact that it is non-bio-degradable, my grouse with plastic is mainly because of the significant contribution it makes towards spoiling the pristine rivers, lakes and other tourist attractions and places. During a recent trip to Bheemeshwari (Cauvery River), in Karnataka, I was shocked to see how filthy the river bank looked with zillions of plastic bags and cans. It really spoiled the scenery and believe me, it is a beautiful and pristine part of the country. Also, plastic bags kill a lot of the wildlife and also fish.

We can blame the people who so callously throw away the plastic bags, cups, bottles etc. in such places. Such a behaviour is definitely a big problem and a major cause of the muck in tourist places (and near our homes).

It is good to see that people are reusing plastic bags, bringing their own cloth/cotton bags for shopping, recycling where possible etc. Atleast a section of the population is doing their small part to help keep our surroundings as clean as possible.

Imagine Norwegian Fjords, Alaskan Glaciers, Yellowstone Geysers etc. filled with plastic waste. Not a pretty sight isnt it?


One thought on “Plastic! – Boon or Bane?

  1. Its good to read that you care for pollution caused by plastic.I keep on thinking how can we reduce plastic use significantly in our life which requires significant efforts from each of us.If we count how many plastic bags we use everyday in Bangalore,we can imagine how the earth will be after say 5 or 10 years!!

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