Alien Star!

To some extent, each and every one of us have a quantity of shame. The quantity of shame prevents us from doing a lot of things and is holding back progress of the human race. After a lot of research and development, scientists have formed a “perfect” human being, who can:

– Sing

– Dance

– Direct

– Script

– Market

– Produce

And do many many more such activities and be 100% shameless. This alien creature is code-named “Santhosh Pandit”! I have a lot of respect for this specimen, mainly for the sheer audacity displayed by it. Ignoring the never-before-seen deluge of abuse from all corners, this specimen has managed to convert an investment of 5-7 Lakh INR into a 40+ Lakh INR revenue stream. Hats off to it!

That trademark suit, the 2-lane-highway-like teeth etc. all play a part in forming the overall personality. It is a rage amongst the college students and is sure to set off a stream of copycats, which can sing even worse, look even worse, dance even worse, and (gulp!) can make even worse movies.

In this day and age when even big budget movies are available on the Internet within a matter of weeks, it’s movie is still under wraps (I keep searching, since I am very curious to see this “movie”). Also, the sheer economics of it’s movie “Krishnanum Radhayum” proves that whatever be its shortcomings, it is no fool.

Nowadays, any publicity is deemed as good publicity. Media is filled with news of fake fights/spats between “stars”, wannabe’s willing to go full monty, “stars” paying to have articles published about them etc. You just have to look at the numerous Reality Shows and their contestants to guage the phenomenon I am referring to here. News Channels, YouTube, Email Groups etc. are filled with news about this specimen. Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan etc., Watch out!


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