Diwali/Deepavali – Sounds and Colors …

Got to experience Diwali after a long time. Though Diwali was on October 26th, I could hear fireworks through that entire weekend as well. Some of the major establishments had such huge ones, which went up and blasted into many smaller ones. It was fun to watch. Personally, I am not a big fan of the noisier ones like that “green color cubes”. The blasts always manage to startle me, even if I am looking at it being lighted! Indian cities are definitely not the place for people who just hate noisy crackers, for people light them up almost throughout the night.

Kids had fun and my son even managed to touch a burning ember and burn himself. He said he liked the “red glow” and wanted to touch it. Hope he learned a good lesson and will remember it in future.

We went with a friend to Hosur (Tamilnadu) to purchase the fireworks/crackers. Almost every store there was selling fireworks, some with steep 70-90% discounts from the M.R.P. I was amazed at the variety available. I noticed that almost all the fireworks were made in Sivakasi. Seems like Sivakasi is the “Firework Capital” of South India.

The only bad part about the Diwali week was Ra.One! What a letdown it was …

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