Greatest Tennis season over the past 30 years?

Pardon the almost unreadable quality of my table (Did not want to splurge on a paid WordPress account for the Plugins 😉 …

(1) Obviously, more credence is given to performance in the Grand Slams, the 4 tournaments with the biggest coverage, impact, money and pressure

(2) Even though Djokovic has a “3-0” (with respect to Grand Slams Won-Finals) season in 2011, his 2011 season deserves to be in the mix for the simple reason that his record against Nadal (7-0) and Federer (6-1) in 2011 is insane considering the kind of years Nadal (2010) and Federer (2009) had just prior. Djokovic kicked some a** in 2011 🙂




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