2015 Cricket World Cup – Week1 …

(A) Is 300 the new 200? Almost every team is making 300+ … I wish the grounds were not made so small. Even mishits are going for six … Someone has decided for everyone that sixers and fours are what most fans want to see … Bowlers are just lambs being led to their slaughter

(B) The way Sangakarra started off, I was dreaming about a century … Alas, it was not to be

(C) Brendan McCullum made a rocking start to his World Cup campaign or what … He is an exciting player to watch. Also, as a bonus, an outstanding fielder

(D) It was a remarkably calm and mature performance by India, against Pakistan on 02/15/15 (Sun). If Dhoni is a Dalai Lama on the field, so is Misbah-ul-Haq

(E) Australia must be a huge favourite … What depth they have in their team. How can one hope to get them all out? If Warner does not kill you, Flinch will. If Flinch does not kill you, Smith will … And so on. Even if you manage to get them all out cheaply, Johnson and Starc will knock you down. It will be nothing but a miracle if they lose one match in this World Cup (I feel)

(F) Considering the hype around Virat Kohli, his century against Pakistan was something, albeit a bit slow by his standards

(G) What’s up with West Indies? Still “peaking” I suppose. I hope they do not “peak” after the World Cup 😉

(H) Things should start getting interesting towards the end of the round-robin phase …


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