WOF (War On Fat): Weapon-1

Do we take exam preparation advice from someone who has failed 8th grade 10 times?

Do we take “Integrity” lessons from the Tour De France winner who got busted for taking steroids?

Do we take fitness lessons from applicants to the TV show “Biggest Loser”? (But we definitely can take advice from the folks who successfully compete in the show)

Do we take advice regarding the “spirit of the game” from a Match-Fixer?

Do we take advice regarding treating support staff (read, “line judges”) with respect from the top Woman Tennis player who threatened to shove the tennis ball down the judge’s throat?

Do we take advice in Financial security from someone who has gone bankrupt multiple times?

Do we take advice in keeping sober from the movie actress who seems to have made Drug Rehab Center her 2nd home?

The list can go on and on …

The point is to turn to trust-worthy sources for advice on health. I am definitely NOT a walking health machine. I have my own struggles and issues. I am lucky to have some friends and contacts who inspire me.

WOF Weapon No:1 == Right source of information and tips

When my friend, who can run 8 miles (not kilometers!) at a brisk pace at the drop of a hat, gives me some tip, I listen!





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