Hurricane “Anna” …

Is Anna Hazare’s way the only and best way to solve the problem?

Maybe not.

Is Government’s way (keep in mind this is the Government caught N times with its slimy paws in the cookie jar and which is filled with countless “colorful” characters! And I am not distinguising between Congress or BJP or whatever) the only and best way to solve the problem?

I can quite safely say, No.

India is definitely suffering from a corruption cancer. No official task can get done without the “C” element. In just over 3 months, I personally have had several occasions where I had to shell out money for routine items. BBMP officials panting for more money, Auto drivers asking for minimum 2x the nominal rates, Cops milking you, RTO employees partying with your money etc. (I wonder whether all these bribes are “Tax Deductible”???).

Yup, there are many questions: Who will monitor Lokpal? Is Anna and his immediate collaborators fit to take such a high ground? Is this going to be just another toothless bureaucracy?

Well, there are those who are of the opinion that we should discuss, discuss some more, discuss even more and come with the “Perfect Bill”. What is in another “40 year discussion period”, right?

Last week, I had the occasion to give my 2 cents to the movement. We had a human chain from ITPL to Sarjapur. I hope the movement is successful and we can tame the corruption in India.

There were trucks/cars/autos galore, filled with flag-waving protestors ...


It was a sea of people, flags and chants ...


All those youngsters reminded me of "Rang De Basanti" ... 🙂

Jai Hind!

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