Four weeks in Bengaluru …

Last week, I was busy with the sudden and unexpected responsibility of tackling the big bad wolf (a.k.a Bengaluru Traffic) and hence other than the Horror Movie post, I could not do much.

I have been driving 10 days for all kinds of errands and purposes. So far, mostly due to pure luck, nothing has happened. This gives me confidence that I did the right thing by firing that Driver, who despite getting prime payment and despite being reminded about safety over and over, gave me 4 accidents in 14 days. Granted, it is not a tough bench-mark, but something tells me that I can do better than that 🙂

(01) Bellandur Lake

A huge lake in a relatively peaceful part of the city. But the problem is the pollution and mosquitos. Largely due to some major factories spewing chemicals, the lake has foam and froth! It is almost as if someone has dumped a truck-load of Vim into the lake. I am told that almost all the lakes in Bengaluru (500+) are in this sorry state. When is the state (and the city) going to realize all this and take action?

(02) 360 degree neck motion:

I realized that it is good to have the capability of turning your head 360 degrees while driving here. You never know from which direction a motorcycle or cycle or cow or pedestrian will come. A couple of pesky neck-bones are preventing the full 360 motion. I need to work on that.

Of course, I am exaggerating a bit here. A few more weeks and I am hoping to get a good feel for driving on the city roads. I recently bought an amazingly accurate (considering that the city roads keep changing its shape, form and locations regularly) GPS. It is my trusted partner for longer trips. Else, I am finding myself getting more and more familiar with the localities.

(03) Airtel:

So far, Airtel has been giving excellent customer service and I am very impressed with their promptness. If only all the others were similar. Though the Internet speed is nowhere close to the advertized speed, it is quite good. Hey, same was the case with Comcast and AT&T in US. What they advertize and what is provided have only a passing relation.

I get bombarded by various Installation Experts for various items we have purchased. Most of them are quite responsible, arrive roughly on time and do their job efficiently. Almost all of them are young guys who have mobile phones and can speak English.

We plan to celebrate our 1-Month Anniversary on June 8th … 🙂

Adios …

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