Will “keeping a promise” be a liability?

I always pride myself in being able to keep a promise or commitment, with a very high rate of success. Of course, there have been occasions when I have had to break a commitment, examples being:

– Being late for a meeting because the previous one ran late (or back-to-back meetings, in different floors/buildings)

– Car trouble or accident on way to an appointment

– Falling sick

Etc. But, in general, I am pretty good at keeping a commitment.

One of my personal pet peeves is to have people say “Yes, I will do it” and then having to keep reminding them. Of course, the standard answer is: “Too many things on my plate. So sorry …”.

It appears that in India, and Asia in general, you might be considered:

– A fool, if you arrive on time for a meeting 🙂

– A loafer who has nothing better to do, if you arrive for a Dinner/Lunch Party at the scheduled time 🙂

It does not bode well for me, if that is the case. Personally, I prefer to arrive for a meeting earlier than what was required, than be rushed and gasping for breath by trying to arrive right at the correct time. Atleast, it allows me to collect my thoughts before the meeting (Unless of course if it is a snooze-fest time-waste of a meeting, in which case I really am a fool in accepting the invite!).

Since English language allows for:

– “No, I am afraid I cannot do that (because …)”

– “I would not be able to make it”

– “I am sorry, but I am too busy”

Etc. I find it quite easy to be able to keep up with what all I have to do. As I have said elsewhere, it all begins with having your own scheme of keeping track of Action Items. There is no single best way to do it. It is not important “how” it is done. It is most important that it “is done”, whichever method is used.

Do we all have enough time to do everything we would love to do? Absolutely not! Then what is the answer? Prioritization and keeping the list to manageable levels.

In a few weeks, you will probably hear of a “foolish loafer” roaming in Asia … 🙂

Adios …

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