Desk Job Tips – What works for me …

Though there are perks associated with working in an Office, there are some disadvantages as most of you might have found out already.

(A) Computers & Eyes:

Even with proper anti-glare protection, working on a Computer is quite taxing for the eyes. At a bare minimum, one needs to relax the eyes every 15 minutes. How to do it? Walk over to the nearby window and look at distant objects, for atleast a minute. Or close your eyes and take deep breaths. These two activities help my eyes prepare for the next burst of Computer usage.

(B) Stretching The Body:

I notice that a lot of my colleagues, as well as myself, get body aches from sitting in one position too much. Every hour or so, I take a leisurely walk to the Break Room, for a cup of Coffee (I am not much of a “Tea Guy”) or sometimes just for the break. Even if the chairs are very ergonomically designed, the way one sits matter. It is like having the safest Child Restraint/Seat, but not installing it properly in the car. While doing intense work, it is not easy to monitor your posture. My personal remedy is to do these short walkabouts.

Nowadays you get very expensive and complicated Ergonomic Chairs. I am not sure how helpful these are. Maybe the idea here is to price it so highly that the person sitting on the Chair has “bigger pains” (I.e. Cost, $$$) to worry about than the body ache the Chair is meant to solve.

(C) Lunch Break:

I am not a big fan of bringing lunch and eating it at Office, though I do occasionally get sandwiches etc. and have quick lunch (especially when some crisis is unfolding). I love to take a break after 4-5 hours of non-stop pressure. The lunch break allows me to spend some time with colleagues/friends, away from the work activities, and refresh my mind before the afternoon stint.

(D) Steady Work Routine:

In my opinion, it is good to have a steady routine and work timing, except for cases where all-nighters, late-nights, weekend-work etc. are in play (a.k.a Crisis Situations). Typically, with meetings and other similar activities, it is tough to get “alone time” to work on items only you can do. My personal solution is to use AMs for such work. Since most of the people amble in around 10.30/11AM, it gives me a clear 4-5 hour headstart and “alone time”. As I have mentioned in my Blogs earlier, I am a Morning Person who finds his mind most fresh in the mornings.


People and their needs differ. But I think that each one of us needs to find that sweet spot of mental and physical peace, for us to be able to give our best at work.

Adios …

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