“Early AM to Early PM” Work Timing …

When I drive down to the Office, I always notice quite a bit of traffic on the freeways. This hold true even on days when I am REALLY early (by my normal standards). Most of the people I know (in fact, a healthy 99%+) like to come in late and stay up late.

My doubt it: Where do all these folks, who are on the freeways during early AM, work?

I sure do not see many in our Campus. A handful of folks are all there is, till people start to come in later on in the morning. As I mention elsewhere in my Blog, I personally do not advocate one work timing or the other. It all depends on your natural instincts and also on what makes sense in your work environment. I even have a colleague who comes in at 1AM and goes to sleep at 7PM! I have to tip my hat off to him. Something tells me that he is single 🙂

My friends who work in Banks do go early (I.e. Very early) and that is understandable with the typical bank timings in US. Maybe all those folks I see on the freeways are all predominantly bank employees …

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