50+% Engineering Projects Delayed or Over-Budget?

Depending upon which Research Study you review, somewhere above 55% of Engineering Projects are delayed, over-budget or worst, both! We are talking about well-educated, well-meaning, capable and committed Engineers failing a significant amount of the time. Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by this phenomenon. I would be lying if I claimed that 100% of my Projects were on time and within Budget. They were not. Though, a high percentage of them were, which was enough to give me confidence that this is the area I should be studying and focussing on. (For example, if I were a person who times a 100 meter dash at 30 seconds, at my very best, I should be a fool to aim to be the Olympics 100m Gold Medalist, right?)

Engineering is a lot about Research and Development.

So, why not Reasearch and Develop Techniques, Methodologies and Ideas, which helps Project Execution?

This makes all the more sense when I am reminded that I am in an Industry which has a significant amount of NRE costs involved and Delays and Insufficient Budgets often mean the death of a Project (or in a worst case, the death of the Company itself).

I will expand on this topic in future …

My Passion, Strength & Goal: “Creating Order Within Chaos”. Being an Engineer, I value Schedule/Budget “Predictability” a lot. Linking the World of “Ideas”/”Concepts” and the World of “Successful Products/Projects”, using the path of Optimal Execution. That is what I am good at and what I intend to continue developing and refining!

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