Trying to decide where to go next …

My company has a Shut Down planned for the 2nd half of 2010. Second half of December is typically slow and personally, I welcome the break. Last year’s break was a blast and that was primarily when I finalized the Summer Vacation 2010 plans and logistics. Considering the scope of my Summer Vacation 2010, I am glad to say that it went quite smoothly. Backpacking, travelling with kids etc. are concepts that are easy to talk about, but not very easy to implement.

This year, I hope to work on some 2011 plans. I am a “Do It Yourself” kind of guy and will probably continue to stay away from Mass-Manufactured, Spoon-Fed Tours. As mentioned elsewhere, I like to experience the thrill, apprehension, euphoria and satisfaction from a trip on which I get to: Research, Learn and Experiment.

We are in the mood for some more tropical fun. So, countries which are too North (or too South) are not going to be considered for this time. Already some ideas are forming in my mind. Let me work on it and get back …

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