Public Transit In Major Cities …

I think it is great that many cities have a robust and efficient public transit system. During my recent trip, I experienced the Metro/Subway/Tube of cities like Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), St.Petersburg (Russia) and London (England). I was very impressed with:

– Frequency of trains: There were frequent trains, ensuring that passengers never had to wait for more than 10-15 minutes for the next train.

– Good usage by passengers: I noticed that these services were very heavily used by the passengers.

– Good network: Except St.Petersburg (the Metro stations were quite far apart) and Helsinki (no convenient connections to touristy places), the other cities have excellent and widespread networks.

– Ease of usage: Even for a new user, it was quite easy to come up to speed on the usage of these services.

The Tram and Bus services were also very useful, especially in cities like Stockholm and Oslo. The #3T/#3B Trams in Helsinki is a Tourist’s delight!

It is to the advantage of great cities in the World to come up with such networks, if they do not have one already. I noticed that Bengaluru (Bangalore) is working on PhaseI of its Metro. I think it will be great boon to the city and help reduce the traffic congestion.

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